Beyonce laughs at supposed pregnancy cravings

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Beyonce Knowles at a screening of "Live at Roseland: The Elements of 4". (NYC)

When a woman is pregnant, she tends to crave certain foods. Often times these foods are a little out of the ordinary or just plain strange.

Pregnant actress Hillary Duff has admitted to smothering her food in hot sauce. According to babyzone when Nicole Richie was pregnant she craved late night munchies.

Beyonce Knowles, pregnant and expecting her first baby with husband Jay-Z is getting a kick out of what the tabloids are claiming to be her pregnancy fixes.

Yahoo! OMG! reported that in an interview on 20/20 with Katie Couric, Beyonce claimed that she hasn’t had any specific cravings. However, reporters have no problem making some up for her.

"I read that I like ketchup on everything. . . Not true," she said laughing.

While these crazy craving rumors may not be true, fans that read about them are taking them to heart.

"I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas," she recalled. "I'm like, that is disgusting! What are you doing? And he's like, I read it on the internet!"

While the “Crazy In Love” singer might not be craving any food in particular, she has one sense that has definitely heightened due to her pregnancy.

"I smell everything," said the star in September. "If it smells bad, I smell it. My husband's fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now.

Beyonce is expecting to deliver her baby in December.


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