Beyonce’s baby reveal gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

By Daniel S Levine,

The way Beyonce decided to reveal her pregnancy to the world at MTV’s Video Music Awards is on its way to becoming a year-defining moment, as people just will not stop talking about it.

The event already gave Twitter a record-breaking bump, according to ABC News, and helped the VMAs become the most watched show ever broadcast on MTV.

Now, Next Media Animation, the infamous Taiwanese animation company, has created their own animation about the event and what its results will be.

NMA’s video makes fun of how “Beyonce’s baby sends blogosphere into frenzy” and wonders what she and Jay-Z will name the child. Will it be “Lil Hov” or “Destiny’s Child”? They go on to predict just how the two will bring up the child. They are not sure how he or she will end up, but they do guarantee “this baby will be stinking rich!”

You can watch the video here:



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