'The Book of Mormon' streaming online

By Louie Aronowitz,

The disturbingly brilliant minds behind South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have taken what promises to be one of their most offensive and politically incorrect creations to date, and brought it to Broadway with , their new musical.

The entire soundtrack is streaming online at Rollingstone.com now, and since tickets are sold out for the rest of eternity, this will have to suffice for fans.

Though the obscure and unnoticed comedy Orgazmo sufficiently lampooned Mormons, this time around Parker and Stone, along with Robert Lopez of Avenue Q fame, have taken things even further. The show follows two Mormon missionaries, only one of which is competent in his duty, in Uganda, preaching to poverty stricken locals.

Though it sounds entirely offensive, the show is actually not ill spirited. The Washington Post described it as appearing profane, but actually shying away from mean completely.

As described by Rolling Stone, The score is a cross between Monty Python and Rogers and Hammerstein, a sentiment I completely agree with.

While the satirical plot is outrageous, and the humor is crude and vulgar, the show is simultaneously very conventional with musical theater standards. The music is very well written/performed, having tons of great hooks and harmonies, with a very fresh “Broadway” sounding rhythm section; I look forward to a whole step modulation somewhere!



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