Casey Anthony's parents set to appear on 'Dr. Phil'

By David Falcone,

George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of the infamous Casey Anthony, are scheduled to appear on the Dr. Phil television show next month.

According to the Chicago Tribune, George and Cindy Anthony's interview with Dr. Phil McGraw will air Sept. 12, according to a statement released Monday by the show. It will examine the public scrutiny they faced during and after Casey Anthony's trial.

The parents are not being paid for the interview, but viewers will be asked to donate to a charity group advocating for the rights of grandparents of missing children.

According to the The Seattle Times, Casey Anthony, 25, was found not guilty last month of the murder of her daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

The trial was highly publicized and the verdict sparked mass outrage. After getting out of jail, Casey Anthony was forced to stay in an undisclosed location due to concerns for her safety.

Her whereabouts are still unknown.



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