CBS Reporter Did Not Have a Stroke

By Ellen Stodola,
Serene Branson seemed to have a problem at the Grammys, but it was not a stroke.

It’s understandable that reporters may get nervous on the air, but on Sunday’s Grammy coverage, Serene Branson of the CBS team got her words so confused that many believed that she may have suffered a stroke or other medical condition.

Now, etidbits is saying that the reporter in fact did not suffer a stroke. Though her problem disrupted the telecast, Branson was fine after the incident. When she was examined for medical conditions, it seems that medical services could find nothing wrong with her.

The Los Angeles Times is saying that medical experts are suggesting that though it was not a stroke, Branson could perhaps have experienced some sort of other brain injury, but details are still unclear. Medical experts are also using this time to point out that strokes often have no warning signs, so they can be very dangerous.

CBS reports that Serene Branson is now doing fine, and she seems to be feeling fine.



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