Celebrities Show Sandra Bullock Support

By Matt Thompson,
Numerous celebrities tweet on family turmoil.

Sandra Bullock is certainly feeling the love and support in light of her husband’s faults. The celebrities are lining up on Twitter giving Sandra advice and support of what to do in such a dire situation.

Among the celebrities in support are Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Meghan McCain, Maria Menounos and Holly Robinson Peete.

Stanger tweeted, “Sandra: don’t need to be with loser like Jessie. You were my favorite waitress at Diane’s Hamburger in nyc. Thx for the extra pickles,” while McCain had a more blunt point of view, “What the hell Jesse James?!?!”

Menounos had a gloomier point of view on the situation.

“Sandra b: my heart bleeds for you. Sending you a hug hug. Lots of love and hope – there is good man for you out there. You deserve better,” Menounos posted.

Peete had perhaps the most heartfelt response as she tweeted, “I’m depressed abt Sandra Bullock … Was such a beautiful love story. Channeling strength 2her.“

Bullock left James at their family home in California once she found out about his 11-month affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.



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