Charlie Sheen Is ‘On a Drug’—Himself

By Amber Belus,
Charlie Sheen -- Tomorrow on 'Today'

Charlie Sheen continues to feed into the media while fighting with Two and a Half Men producers. His interview will be out in April’s GQ, he spoke with Andrea Canning from 20/20, and he is making an appearance tomorrow on Today.

Tomorrow, Sheen will be sitting down with Jeff Rossen on Today, according to TMZ. His 20/20 appearance will air Tuesday night.

“There’s some wrongs to be righted and some stories to tell. People need to hear my side of it,” he stated, according to Access Hollywood.

Previews show Sheen telling Canning he is on a drug—himself. “I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen,” were his exact words.

He feels doing interviews will help people realize that this is the true Charlie Sheen, who has been hiding under a Hollywood makeover this whole time.



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