Charlie Sheen Joins Ustream, Draws More Than 100,000 Viewers

By Amanda Martinez,

Now that Charlie Sheen has tons of free time on his hands without his sitcom, Two and a Half Men, the actor launched his own show, Sheen’s Korner, on Ustream. At one point in the broadcast, over 113, 251 viewers tuned in to see Sheen’s antics.

The SF Chronicle reports Sheen’s first video on Saturday has been viewed almost one million times. Sheen soon recorded another episode, “Torpedoes of Truth,” on Sunday.

In the videos, Sheen talks on the phone, spends time with friends, and utters the tagline, “You’re either in Sheen’s Korner or you’re with the trolls!”

According to Reuters, Sheen introduces segments, including “Wish They Were Me” and “Weighing in with Rick.” Sheen also revealed his new tattoo of “winning” and listed off people he’d like to be for ten minutes. Worthy candidates included Colin Farrell, San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, and Sean Penn.

Sheen disclosed the show may return on a daily basis, depending on the viewers’ reaction.



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