Charlize Theron reveals she’ll never get married, staunchly supports legalization of same-sex marriage

The Oscar-winning actress addressed the topic of marriage during her appearance on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’
SouthAfrican actress Charlize Theron arrives for the Vanity Fair Academy Awards Party at Sunset Tower in Los Angeles, USA, 27 February 2011. Photo: Hubert Boesl

Charlize Theron took part in an interview for Thursday’s episode of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight in which she revealed that she does not see herself ever getting married.

Theron, 35, once said that she would not tie the knot unless same-sex marriage was legalized. But now that New York is one of six states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the Academy Award-winning actress still says that a wedding is not in the cards.

“I really want for myself a long-term relationship, and I have been in long-term relationships,” she tells Piers Morgan. “That’s the kind of union that I want. The actual ceremony is not something that is important to me, but I see the importance for other people.”

The Monster star, who signed on to play the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman earlier this month, split from longtime beau Stuart Townsend in January 2010.

When Morgan asks Theron whether she ever foresees herself getting married, she responds, “I don’t ... I treat my relationships like marriages, I really do. [Marriage was] never something that was important [to me].”

While the accomplished actress is uninterested in walking down the aisle, she realizes the importance of marriage to those who are currently denied the right.

“It’s a divine right, and when government starts to tell us who can love and what is good love ... I do have a problem with that,” she adds. “I do have a problem with the fact that our government hasn’t stepped up enough to make this federal, to make [gay marriage] legal.”



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