Chely Wright gets married

By David Falcone,

Country singer Chely Wright married her partner Lauren Blitzer on Saturday in Connecticut.

According to People, Wright met Blitzer just two weeks after coming out last year.

Wright, 40, wed Blitzer, 30, a GLBT Civil Rights activist, at Blitzer’s aunt’s home in Connecticut. They both wore wedding dresses but decided against veils.

"We like our hair too much!" Wright joked.

They also opted out of the traditional wedding band and hired a deejay instead.

"Bands at weddings make me nervous," Wright said.

According to Access Hollywood, since Chely is Christian and Lauren is Jewish, the ceremony was presided over by both a reverend and a rabbi.

Chely had previously stuggled with being gay. She even considered committing suicide back in 2006.

“I was looking at myself in a mirror…as I was about to do it,” she explained. “I just looked at myself and something snapped and I started to cry…and I realized I have too much to live for.”



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