Cheryl Cole's fellow Brits react to rumored 'X Factor' axe

By Gina DiFalco,

New reports have surfaced that “Britain’s sweetheart,” Cheryl Cole, has got the boot from her duties as judge on the U.S. version of X Factor. So, how are her fellow Brits taking the news?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but reports are suggesting that Fox executives believe that Cole’s Geordie accent is too difficult for U.S. audiences to understand. They have since replaced her with Pussycat Doll and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Nicole Scherzinger.

People reports that a source told U.K. newspaper The Sun, "It hasn't worked out," adding, "She's homesick and wants to return to the U.K. She's had enough. Whether she ends up back on U.K. X Factor is open to speculation."

The Hollywood Reporter is relaying the reactions of Cole’s fellow Brits, and they are in astonishment -- just as many of us in the states who were eager to get to know her are.

The Apprentice host Alan Sugar tweeted, "Agree Cheryl Cole is better off in the U.K. where she is very good. What do the Yanks know anyway?"

Dannii Minogue, a recently fired judge on the U.K. version of the show, tweeted, "Judging [X-Factor] should come with a life jacket, drop-down oxygen and a life raft."

Actor Russell Brand was interviewed on ITV morning show Daybreak and said, “Our Cheryl? That cannae be right," shedding light on Cole's accent. "I've come to this country in good faith and they've kicked our Cheryl off? Oh no! She's Britain's sweetheart."

In regards to U.S. audiences understanding her accent, Brand said, "Just listen more, just listen very intently. All them things she's saying - that's English.



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