'The Colbert Report' recap for 1/25/2012

By John-Paul Helk,
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Stephen Colbert started off Wednesday's episode talking about the president's State of the Union address, making it seem like the speech was President Barack Obama's way of getting attention, and accusing the speech of getting in the way of him watching NCIS: Los Angeles. Colbert then showed his outrage that the president would make a joke in light of how hard the times are. Obama was discussing a law that had classified milk as an oil, making it expensive for dairy farmers since they had to prove they had the right equipment to handle a spill. Obama then said that the law made it worth crying over spilled milk, and smiled in response to the mixed chuckles and groans he was met with. Colbert became angered, saying that while Obama was “crackin wise,” the crime rate was going up, even telling the sad tale of the two peanuts walking down the street, and how one was a salted...a tragic tale to say the least.

Colbert referred to Herman Cain's rebuttal to the speech, in which he said he appreciated Colbert's endorsement because he wanted to keep young voters inspired. He then claimed that the more “mature” voters watch other programs, but that the youth choose instead to watch programs like Colbert's.

Colbert then re-visited his newest project – children's books. He showed the second portion of his chat with Maurice Sendak. They talked about other children's books, and discussed which ones were good and which were not. Colbert asked what it takes for a celebrity to be successful in children's literature, and Sendak informed him he was already well on his way since he was an idiot. Colbert then read a touching piece he wrote entitled “I Am a Pole and So Can You” which Sendak actually enjoyed despite himself. Sendak and Colbert proceeded to illustrate the book, and had a blast doing so.

Colbert then had a segment entitled “Un-American News” in which he discussed China and the Chinese New Year. Long Liyuan, a Chinese millionaire, was also a topic of conversation, since he died after eating his favorite meal – cat-meat stew. Business associate Huang Guang is accused of poisoning his stew.

His guest for the night was Terry Gross from Fresh Air on NPR. Gross has been doing her show for 25 years. She talked about how Grover Norquist related the morality of the estate tax to that of the Holocaust which Colbert proceeded to joke about without missing a beat. Then they got around to talking about Bill O'Reilly, who accused Gross of defamation. Gross defended her interview, saying that she simply asked him some challenging questions.

Colbert ended the episode on a classy note, opening a can of what was supposed to be cat stew as he signed off.



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