'The Colbert Report' Recap for 2/1/12

By John-Paul Helk,
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Indecision 2012 - Mitt Romney's Florida Victory
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Steven Colbert started off Wednesday's episode by saying he is not racist. After all, he said, he's not Italian. This led him in to a discussion of Black History Month, which included mention of Black Lincoln, Blackula, and Lewis Black, among others.

Colbert then announced that he is positive Mitt Romney will win the Florida Primary...the day before. Colbert announced the victory was a landslide, with a margin of 14% separating Romney and Newt Gingrich. Romney apparently achieved this through his portion of what is being called the most negative campaigns in history. Critics are saying that Romney is running one of the nastiest campaigns imaginable, launching personal attacks and running slighting ads left and right. Gingrich apparently struck back, with a robo-call that informed listeners of Romney's veto of a bill when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. The bill would have set aside money for Kosher foods to be served in nursing homes. Gingrich accused Romney of depriving Holocaust survivors of a Kosher meal in order to save five dollars. Gingrich also seemed determined to win, and confident that he would still take the nomination. Colbert remarked that he is “using all the stick-to-itiveness he did not waste on his marriages.”

Romney assuaged fans in a clip played by Colbert that the tough campaign would not leave the party divided, it would leave the party prepared. Colbert agreed, saying the reasoning is the same as a boxer letting his sparring partner “stab him in the neck with garden shears.” I order to help them get ready, Colbert created a twitter hashtag, #preparethem, which is to be used to post vicious attacks on Romney and Gingrich.

Colbert next talked about Jimmy Fallon's ice cream flavor, made by Ben & Jerry's. He discussed his on-again off-again relationship with Fallon, and how Fallon's flavor is outselling Colbert's Ben & Jerry's flavor. This baffled Colbert, who sent out a call to arms, asking his fans to buy more of his ice cream. He also announced that his flavor, Americone Dream, is now available in Super Pac packs. On Valentine's Day, Ben & Jerry's will be giving away free Americone Dream.

Colbert's guest was Ameena Matthews, who is working to end gang violence. She is known as a “violence interrupter.” Colbert showed a clip from the documentary The Interrupters in which she is talking to young men from her home city of Chicago about the stupidity of the violence on the streets. With Colbert, Matthew discussed the foolishness of the violence, and how she and her co-workers anticipate violence so they can stop it before it occurs.



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