Colbert Report recap for Tuesday 1-24-2012

By John-Paul Helk,
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Indecision 2012 - Rick Santorum's Senior Pandering
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In tuesday's episode, Steven Colbert tackled such topics as children's literature, the attacks on rick Santorum, and guest Andrew Sullivan's praise of Barack Obama. However he started off the episode with a discourse about how frightened he is for his still-missing super pac money, and asked viewers to send more of it.

Then Colbert covered the most recent Republican debate, saying that the debate was a dud due to Brian Williams's request that the invited guests “withhold their applause,” causing Colbert to refer to him as “Admiral Funstomp.”

Colbert moved on to talk about his idea to write a children's book, like so many celebrities have recently done. In order to learn more about his newest idea, he talked to Maurice Sendak, author of such classics as “Where the Wild Things Are.” Sendak called Newt Gingrich “an idiot,” saying there is “something so gross and vile about him.” He dropped other bombshells such as his dislike of children and his own homosexuality. Colbert then proceeded to ask him why he's allowed to write children's books. They then planned out a sequel to “Where the Wild Things Are” that would feature Vin Deisel. Sendak also revealed some subtle sexual implications in his books such as the “wild rumpus” in “Where the Wild Things Are” potentially referring to sex.

Colbert then began his praise of Republican nominee hopeful Rick Santorum, who has come under fire for not correcting an angry older lady at a town hall meeting who denounced President Barack Obama saying he has no right to be called president, accused him of being an avowed Muslim as if it were a negative thing, and generally announced that Obama should not be in office. Santorum defended his lack of action by saying that the lady was elderly, needed a cane, and did not need to be addressed simply because she held some ludicrous ideas. Colbert responded in his usual fashion. He defended Santorum in his words, but then had an old lady come on the set and begin accusing Santorum of things such as running a white slavery ring and abducting “blonde-haired blue-eyed high school cheerleaders” while Colbert declared there was no need to correct her due to her age and the fact that she needed a cane. He allowed her to even go so far as to say “Hitler had some good ideas,” because he saw that she was using not one, but two canes. In fact he only stopped her once she told him he had gained weight.

Guest Andrew Sullivan made his seventh appearance on the show and denounced Obama's critics. He said that Obama has in fact achieved many of the things he set out to do including ending the war in Iraq and winning the war in Afghanistan, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden, calling the move “bad-ass.” He agrued against Colbert's statement that Obama did not create a single job, saying that Obama's influence has set us on a path to job growth since he has been office. Sullivan pointed out that Obama managed to pass universal healthcare and defended the system saying that compared to many plans that other Democrats presented and many plans that exist in other countries, it is “very moderate and pragmatic.”



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