Comedian Louis CK makes $1 million in online comedy show and gives half away

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Comedian Louis CK cut out the middle man and made $1 million selling his latest comedy special online - and now he's giving half of it away.

Louis CK was tired of not getting royalties from his comedic acts,and decided to produce his own comedy show, then sold it on the internet to anyone willing to shell out $5.

MSNBC reports that his "stick-it-to-The-Man approach" has only helped the comedian's career. Then he announced he's giving $280,000 to charities. The list includes the Fistula Foundation which helps battered women, Green Chimneys to work with children and animals, the Pablove Foundation helping children with cancer, Charity: Water to provide clean drinking water and Kiva giving out microloans.

The comedian told MSNBC that he decided to give the money away because "I've never had a million dollars all at once ... I felt uncomfortable about having that much money."

After a friend told him his video would most likely be stolen, Louis CK "wrote a note that said, you know, please don't do it," CNN reported. "And they didn't. So it made a lot of money."

He said it all came down to people wanting to see the show: "This is just a five-dollar impulse that 220,000 people had."

After paying the $250,000 production costs Louis CK originally paid out-of-pocket, he started donating to charities and gave over $250,000 in bonuses to his staff. "If I make another million," he said, "I'll give more of it away."


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