'Conan' - August 1 (Video)

By Louie Aronowitz,

Last night’s episode of Conan featured guests Harrison Ford, Marisa Miller, and Pitbull.

Like most late night comedians and news programs, Conan opened with mention of the debt ceiling debate finding a compromise earlier in the same day. O’Brien took a less serious approach from many other comedians, making some more light-hearted jabs at The Smurfs film, Denny’s restaurant, and iTunes. Conan also found time to squeeze Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oprah into his monologue, as he usually does.

To join in the annual circus that is “Shark Week,” Conan introduced a segment called “Conan’s TV Sharktacular,” which culminated in a giant shark jumping out of the ocean and attacking an airplane.

Conan next brought back a bit he has done multiple times with Captain America, where he shows fake clips of the films, only this time he did it with the Planet of the Apes reboot. This also led into Conan speaking to the host of Entertainment Tonight, Mark Steines, whom he has mocked mercilessly, quoting “It looks good,” to the point of creating a new Meme out of the out of context sound byte from the show.

Now a weekly segment, “Fan Corrections,” was the subsequent bit visited on the show, where a fan found an error in a recent monologue, which led to Conan introducing a video clip of Abraham Lincoln dying.

The first guest on the show was Harrison Ford, who spoke about his new flick, Cowboys & Aliens, and how well it did at the box office this past weekend compared to The Smurfs. Ford also mentioned going to Comic-Con for the first time ever, and causing a huge stir amongst fans that have been waiting 20 years for his reluctant appearance.

The next guest on the program was model Marisa Miller. Conan asked her about surfing, and growing up near the beach. She also mentioned her ads promoting the use of sunscreen, then showed Conan how to surf in a green screen backed festival of silliness.

As part of Conan’s summer concert series, Pitbull performed outside the studio. He brought with him a full backing band, but also used a heavily processed backing vocal, which was slightly distracting from the performance, though he was still enjoyable in his high energy showmanship.



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