'Conan' recap - June 20

By Louie Aronowitz,

Last night, June 20, on the late night program Conan, host Conan O’Brien began by making a Father’s Day joke at the expense of a current controversy magnet, Arnold Schwarzenegger. His monologue also touched on Sarah Palin, smoking hash, and online dating websites.

The bit immediately following the monologue was a play on Jon Huntsman’s television ads, showing a very odd clip of an old man in an empty room. It was quite awkward and directionless, and relatively indescribable; just watch.

The subsequent sketch was a little easier to digest, as it presented a stage hand from the show as a presidential candidate, giving him a new wardrobe, family, and slogan for his campaign. They even made him a country style theme song.

Since last night was Monday, Conan decided to show another installment of “Fan Corrections,” a new favorite sketch where fans can submit videos correcting errors on past episodes. This week’s error involved Conan attempting to commit check fraud, then depositing a giant check into a giant ATM.

The first guest on the show was Neil Patrick Harris. He commented on his first Father’s Day as a father this past weekend, as well as play-dates with Elton John’s child, and Conan winning a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother at a charity auction. They also somehow found time to talk about NPH’s two new films, The Smirfs and The Best and The Brightest.

The second guest was Emily Mortimer of the upcoming film Cars 2. The moment she opens her mouth, anyone can clearly hear she is English, but immediately they discussed her recent acquisition of American citizenship. I have been a fan of Mortimer since seeing her in Lars and The Real Girl, which she is fantastic in, so it was fun to see her speaking to Conan and living up to the expectations of how charming and funny she is in real life.

Comedian Tom Segura closed out the show, performing a short stand up set in which he discussed his neighbors and tattoos. He was hilarious in his simple acknowledgement of oddities in day-to-day human behavior.



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