The Current War Between Female Rappers Continues

By Johnsie Donaldson,
Lil’ Kim Fuels the Fire with more comments against Nicki Minaj.

After calling out music’s newest, hottest female rapper Nicki Minaj on stage and a radio interview, saying that Minaj stole her style has not given her the credit and respect she felt she deserved. Rapper Drake retorted on stage saying that he does not care what Kim says and Minaj is, “the baddest chick to ever run this sh*t!”

Lil’ Kim lashed back with a curse filled rant and also said that P. Diddy, should, “Be ashamed of himself. P. Diddy recently stepped as Minaj’s mentor, and Kim was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy records, but they ended their friendship after Kim’s release of Notorious K.I.M.

When MTV asked Florida-based rapper Trina what she felt about the feud, she said, "[We're] all ladies. Can't we just make music and get our paper and keep it moving?! We all respect Kim. She opened the doors for us females. It's all good -- everybody's eating, what's the issue? This makes us all look bad. There's barely any female artists as is -- we don't need this!"

Minaj has yet to comment on Kim’s statements.




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