Daniel Radcliffe talks friendship and 'The Woman in Black'

By Sarah Burbank,
Daniel Radcliffe at the World premiere of 'The Woman in Black' held at the Royal Festival Hall on January 24 2012 in London

Daniel Radcliffe wants to set the record straight about his relationship with former Potter pal, Rubert Grint.

In a recent interview, Radcliffe explained that he and Emma Watson text constantly, but that he and Grint do not. Many took that that the former Harry Potter buds are on the frits. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Daniel clarified during a phone call to Ryan Seacrest clarifying,” Rupert and I never text, we never have in 10 years of filming. We are crappy at texting each other back and we both know that’s how the other person is and we just accept it.”

Daniel went on to explain, “The next time I see Rupert we will sit down next to each other and chat and it will be like old times. Me and Rupert are very, very good friends it’s just that we are not constantly texting each other.”

The Woman in Black, which hits theaters Feb. 3, is Daniel’s first feature film since ending his role as Harry Potter. He admits that he is exciting about this role, expressing to Seacrest that, “Obviously, I’m looking for different stuff and diversity. One of the things that was so exciting about this film was that it was a horror movie, but it felt unusual within the genre, like it’s really character driven and it is seriously scary, very frightening. That was one of the things that I kind of found most exciting about it, the idea of being in this film that is really going to scare people.”

What’s weird is, in the new film, Daniel plays a father. According to E! Online, Daniel has leaped from school-boy to father in The Woman in Black. Playing his son is actually Radcliffe’s Godson.

Daniel explains, “I asked for him to be auditioned. I thought seeing me as a boy and then father would weird people out. I wanted to make sure that the relationship was right and the chemistry was right between me and my son and it is. It really comes across that we know each other."



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