Darth Vader Has Mental Illness Says French Psychiatrist

By Amy Goodman,

French psychiatrist Eric Bui and his colleagues at Toulouse University Hospital in France have diagnosed Star Wars character Darth Vader with borderline personality disorder.

The theory, which will be published in the journal Psychiatric Research, also includes the idea that The Force represents drug use. As Bui puts it, “Using the dark side of the Force could be considered as similar to drug use: It feels really good when you use it, it alters your consciousness and you know you shouldn’t do it.”

Bui also theorizes that teenagers are so attracted to Star Wars because of their own borderline personality traits. Bui believes that by diagnosing Vader it will raise awareness for the disease and people will get help.

The idea has been received with some level of mockery as many people think it is ridiculous to diagnose an imaginary character with a real disease. As Linda Dahlstrom quips, “As for the researchers themselves, they may want to examine each other for delusional disorder, a condition where people confuse fiction with reality.



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