Demi Lovato going country?

By April Chieffo,
Demi Lovato at the 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards. (Los Angeles, CA)

Demi Lovato has left her mark on pop/rock music with her debut Don’t Forget, and proved she could tackle more than one genre by adopting a more pop/R&B sound with her hit album Unbroken, but could she soon be giving Taylor Swift a run for her money and tackling country music?

19-year-old Lovato seemed to be in a country music mood listening to songs like “Crazy Girl” by Eli Young Band and “The Good Stuff” by Kenny Chesney, and it appears it gave her inspiration to write her very own tune.

“Wrote my first country song today. :)” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Demi didn’t further elaborate on the new song or say whether it is for a new project or just for fun, but if she were to record a country album in the future, it wouldn’t be all that surprising because she has long desired to try all types of music, including country.

At the time of her album release in September, Demi said she jokes about singing country music, but she’s very serious about it.

“I like to experiment with my music," she told MTV News. "Someday, I joke around, but I'm actually pretty serious about coming out with a country album. I want to do everything. I love music and I love all types of music.”



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