'Dexter' Recap: 'Talk to the Hand'

By Samantha Vélez,
“You didn’t really think you could foil God’s plan, did you?”

It’s the second to last episode of the season 3 of Dexter. This is where the story starts to come to a close and we see how things play out. First, Deb’s team finds Steve Dorsey (Doomsday Adam) dead on Holly’s boat. Deb remembers that Batista went to Steve’s house to question him and calls Quinn. Quinn rushes over in time to stop Travis from shooting Batista. Batista thanks him for saving his life but can no longer trust him as a partner.

Dexter creates his own tableau as a message to Travis. There is a fountain with an angel outside the museum where Travis worked. Dex covers it in blood, writes “666” on the forehead (the sign of the beast that will kill the two witnesses), and nails Gellar’s hand to its chest. When the cops find it, they reason that Travis killed Gellar.

Travis sees the tableau on the news and is outraged. He is hiding out in a suburan home, having murdered the occupants, and begins to paint a mural on the wall of the “beast” with Dexter’s face.

Meanwhile, Homeland Security temporarily takes control of the case. Beth Dorsey sneaks into Miami Homicide with the Wormwood explosion hidden in her backpack. Dexter recognizes her from Doomsday Adam’s generic social network profile (we all know it’s Facebook) and stops her in time. He pushes her into a room and holds her off while everyone evacuates and she dies coughing up blood. Dexter has inhaled some of the chemicals and physical exertion makes his nose bleed, but he refuses to go the ER.

Deb is frustrated and insulted when her therapist suggests that she has romantic feelings for Dexter and that’s why she picks doomed relationships. But back at home, she keeps having confusing sensual dreams about him. She has dinner with Matthews who admits to trying to revive Jessica Morris but asks her to keep quiet.

Even though she hasn’t said anything, Matthews shows up at the station blaming her for his superior finding out. He has been asked to retire and says he will no longer look out for Deb. She confronts La Guerta, who doesn’t deny to ratting him out and tells Deb she better listen to her from now on.

Louis thanks Dex for being honest with him about his video game. He says that he has spent his entire life on the sidelines and wants to “be out there and make my [his] life mean something.” Back at his apartment, we see him drawing lines on the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case and he mails it to Dexter.

Dexter sends Travis a video text with the Slice of Life visible in the background. He waits out for Travis and tries to tranquilize him. In the struggle, Dex’s nose starts to bleed and Travis injects him in the arm.

Dexter wakes up in a small boat full of gasoline. Travis throws a flare into the water and drives the boat away. Dexter is trapped in a circle of fire on top of the water. He frees his hands and swims away just in time before the small boat explodes. Dexter is left treading water and thinking, “How did I get so lost?”



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