Doris Day set to release a new album in the US December 2

By Holoholo,

Doris Day may be 87 years old, but that has not diminished her capacity to perform. At an age when so many of her contemporaries have passed on, Doris Day seems to have found a fresh burst of energy, tackling a whirlwind of interviews with verve and gusto, promoting the release of My Heart.

The album has already broken into the top ten in the UK and now it will be released in the US on December 2. A mix of pop standards, rock n’ roll compositions reworked and four new tunes, My Heart is a work of love with its sales going to her Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Doris Day’s beautiful voice, choice inflections and personality first captured the public during a year when a World War came to an end on a note of hope for a better World, a sentiment captured wonderfully by Doris Day when she sang "Sentimental Journey" in 1945. Doris Day was soon a movie star, so often cast as the nice girl next door, an image she chaffed against though she did it so well. Doris Day was a big movie star during the late 1950s and into the 1960s, though in many ways her image served as a hedge against the dynamic changes of that latter decade.

Doris Day stepped away from movies in the late 1960s, forging success on television in spite of a wildly uneven television series. The public wanted Doris but Doris wanted to devote her energy to helping animals, retiring in 1973 to devote her energy to her animal foundation.

The Golden Globes tempted Doris Day with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989, and she was honored by the Grammys with an honorary award in 2008 but otherwise she has stayed away from the whirl of performance until now.

My Heart has an intriguing mix of tunes. The song selection was important to Doris, who was quoted by Reuters saying, "I like the music when I was working and singing. I think the writers were so incredibly brilliant, and when you sang a song of theirs that you loved, it really meant something. And love songs, I love love songs."

When she was working on My Heart in 2010 she spoke to Broadway World and was quoted by Spinner saying, "These songs all mean so much to me, They bring back happy memories of my friends who appeared on TV with me, my animal friends and most of all, my son Terry."



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