Eminem wins royalties fight

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Eminem is never one to back down from a fight and Eminem and his producers have won another round in the on going battle with Universal Music Group.

The fight was in regards to how royalties are divided from music that is sold online, The Tennessean broke the news.

“California court ruled that the record label could not take deductions for certain transactional services it routinely provided during the now-fading era of physical album and CD sales,” the Tennessean reported.

Instead record labels will now have to split the profits of online music 50-50 with the musicians and producers of the music.

In regards to Eminem, Universal was also shot down when the label tried to exclude Eminem’s albums Relapse and Recovery, FMQB reported.

Other artists have now followed Eminem’s path and have begun filing other lawsuits. No details on which major artists have filed lawsuits.


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