Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife Needs Money

By Imani Carter,
Hopes fans will pay for Gary Coleman’s funeral.

After Gary Coleman’s death on May 28, his ex-wife, Shannon Price, has been defending her motives for pulling the plug on the former child star.

Lately, Price is claiming that she is not financially able to provide a funeral for Coleman. She has asked the public to help pay for the funeral expenses.

“Now I basically have nothing. I mean, he was never able to have life insurance … because of his kidney disease… so now I am just wishing and hoping that people will pour out to us and really show their compassion,” said Price.

According to US Magazine, it has not been revealed rather or not Coleman and Price were remarried after their 2008 divorce. However, Coleman gave written permission to Price to handle his health.

Coleman’s parents have announced that they are seeking custody of his body and want it buried at his Illinois home.



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