'Ghost Adventures' Recap: 'Return to Virginia City'

By BS Johnson,

Zak Bagans and his crew revisited Virginia City in this installment of Ghost Adventures. They began the show by interviewing people downtown on the boarded sidewalks. Zak was dressed in black and even sporting a black cowboy hat. This town is where it all began for this team of ghost adventurers, back in 2004 and again in 2009. Zak began his quest to capture on film what he had once seen for himself. Until that time he didn’t believe in ghosts. This is raw, he says, this is extreme, this is Ghost Adventures!

Virginia City, Arizona, is a former mining town, where gold and silver was mined starting in 1860. The crew investigated three sites: St. Mary’s Art Center Hospital, The Silver Mine Hotel and the graveyard outside the hospital. The hospital treated the injured miners and people hurt by gun play. At this time they “flash-backed” to their first ever recording on EVP in 2009, of a cowboy’s voicing singing and the sound of boots walking across the floor. This episode was full of flashbacks and switch-overs, bouncing between the sites, as the guys split up for the first half of the show and came together again so they could all investigate the hospital.

Zak talked to a woman on the street who said they’d heard voices at 2:37 a.m., talking. He said that might sound like no big thing, but he himself has been physically pulled out of bed by his ankles and it is a big thing! Back then, when they first investigated Virginia City, they not only heard voices, but Nick became physically ill and was sick with a fever. The Great Fire in Virginia City destroyed all the documentation of the names of people buried in the original cemetery. In the 1800s, as the town grew, the cemetery was moved, but only some of the graves were dug up. Some of the dead have no markers with their names on them. This has proven to be an issue in the past when the team has investigated and when the situation is rectified, some activities cease. A priest died in the hospital, he was found in the basement with a gunshot wound to the stomach. Others, many others have also died there. The hospital was open for 80 years, some say tens of thousands died there.

They interviewed a Native American woman named Paula about spirits. Zak mentioned that part of the thrill of ghost adventures isn’t just the lock downs, but interviewing people in the area, the field work. Paula played a red cedar flute, with beautiful haunting melodies. Zak said that on another adventure they had spotted an orb that was moving in a cemetery and disappeared over a Native American’s grave. They also heard flute music at the same time. The weather took a turn as they left and a storm was brewing.

Zak took us to the Washoe Club where the first thing you saw was a big poster of the Ghost Adventures team. They also have other team memorabilia; clearly proud of being the first place these guys began hunting ghosts. The show flashes back to the first visit to room 11, where Rosie, a prostitute, took her own life. At that time the team saw orbs. Back in the present, the team was introduced to Alex, a precocious 6-year-old who is eager to tell the guys all about the experience he’s already had in the place with the paranormal. He saw orbs and took them to the exact spot, gesturing and talking more and more excitedly by the minute. He also told them on his last birthday, he received his own ghost hunting equipment. At the Silver Queen Hotel, a “preacher” in period dress tells them that if they talk to Rosie, she’ll stay.

The team heard about the Great Fire in 1869 and was asked to imagine being in the mine, waiting for the cage to come back so they could get in, ride it to the top and escape. The guide said some of the men who got out of the cage were so bad off they just pulled them to the side and it didn’t take long for them to die. Many did survive, though.

Nick and Aaron were assigned to the Miner’s Cabin while Zak took the hotel and talked to Connie the Silver Queen. The episode bounced back and forth pretty much from this point on, making it easy to miss something if you even left the room for a second; very action packed and interesting. Zak got locked in by Connie, while Bill was watching via cameras and they communicated by walkie talkie. Almost immediately, Zak’s melameter was going crazy. He had brought flowers for Rosie and was very much more polite than he had been the first time he was there. The last time he had been almost rude, taunting and bringing up her death. This time, he was nice and more understanding is his approach. He laid the flowers down and the device recorded numbers rising, only around the flowers. He tried moving them and it would seem as if Rosie was trying to get the flowers. He asked if she could speak into the recorder and at that time he heard a woman’s voice moan or cry. He asked her name….”Lynette” was the answer. He asked where they were….”Virginia” was heard. Then he asked what room they were in…..”eleven.”

Nick and Aaron had their own story going. Aaron recalled when he caught his first EVP that almost made him quit. Nick asked whatever spirits may have been listening if they remembered them from before. He asked about the fire, and if they could move something. All of a sudden, they both heard a sound and Nick found it very difficult to breathe.

It was then that they all came together to investigate the St. Mary’s Art Center Hospital. Zak, still in his hat, directed who was to take what floor of the four floors. Nick got the first floor, Billy the second, Aaron the fourth and Zak took the third. Zak called out loudly to anything or anyone who may have been listening. Nick also called out, Billy asked questions. After two hours with no response, they released Billy and continued their investigation.

Armed with all their devices, they scanned the property and called out. Right away they got footsteps. The camera faces Aaron for his “Oh My God”! Zak also repeated that as he saw a white mist come down the stairs. His EM spiked and the melameter alarm went off. After realizing the digital recorder was normal, this was determined to be a “residual haunting,” an image stamped on an environment. Upstairs was the psych ward and they saw an anomaly actually move around a chair. They asked, “Can you do that again?” The team recorded this after asking about the iron bars on the windows, “they’re iron strips.”

Virginia City is one of the most haunted of all American cities according to the Ghost Adventures crew, with over 1,000 people that died there, the fire, accidents and gunfights. It is a very active site and this was a very active episode.



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