'Godfather of Rap' Gil Scott-Heron passes away at 62

By Alec Campagna,

On Friday, Gil Scott-Heron, deemed the “Godfather of Rap,” died in a New York City hospital at 62 years old.

A talented individual, Scott-Heron was a poet, author, and singer. Over the past two decades, he struggled with drug addiction and was often incarcerated. According to ABC News, Mos Def, a friend of the late artist, told New York Magazine in 2008, "He's one of my heroes, an incredible source of energy, power, and truth in the world.”

Scott-Heron is best known for his albums, Small Talk, Winter in America, and Free Will. According to NJ.com , the current rap scene often drew inspiration from the late artist. Kanye West, De La Soul, and Dr. Dre have all referenced or paid homage to Scott-Heron in their songs.



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