Godlie Hawn to Open Buddhist School in U.K.

By Camilo Rayo,
The blonde bombshell opens a "peaceful" school.

Goldie Hawn, best known for her work in television and in movies, is planning to open a Buddhist school in the United Kingdom. Stating that a change in approach to education is necessary to reduce crime in schools, she claims that “a peaceful, happy child is the first step towards a peaceful world.”

Hawn has been interested in Eastern Philosophy since the 1970’s, and considers herself a Jewish Buddhist. Her efforts are endorsed by the U.K’s Conservative party, which is interested in diversifying education policies if elected into power. Conservative education secretary Michael Gove has already began meeting with Hawn to discuss her possibilities as per education in the U.K.

Says Hawn, “We need more new schools outside local authority control to challenge the bureaucratic monopoly. Some parents would want a rigorous traditional academic education for their children with desks neatly marshaled and traditional football. Others will want something that is more flexible, more imaginative.”

Hawn is also responsible for starting a charity in the US called The Hawn Foundation, whose mission is to teach children Buddhist techniques that are geared towards building stability in both emotional and social regards.

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