Gordon Ramsay lands new reality show

By Deborah Kim,

The meanest chef on earth is taking over another industry, the hotel business.

Entertainment Weekly reported the Hell's Kitchen host will be adding hotels to his abyss with a new show currently being called Hotel Hell.

Didn't he declare bankruptcy? And what does he know about managing hotels?

Well according to USA Today, Ramsay has a few college courses on hotel management under his belt and has experience operating several hotel restaurants.

Fox is all on board with the new project, as the network's president of alternative entertainment, Mike Darnell, said, “Gordon is amazing to work with and no matter what the premise, he delivers every time."

“With an unprecedented three shows already on the air, Gordon is an incredible television success, and we’re really thrilled to put him through Hotel Hell.”

Ramsay said the show will appeal to a wide audience because "virtually all of us have had a bad hotel experience that’s turned a holiday or business trip into a total disaster."



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