Great White Shark Off of East Coast

By Rachel Owens,
The sea’s most feared creature has been spotted

Off the coast of Massachusetts, there has been confirmation for a sighting of a shark. After the later-confirmed great white shark was snagged by a tuna boat, officials jumped to take action.

The great white shark has been rumored to be six-to-seven feet long, and it also weighs 150 pounds. The shark was pulled up by the Gloucester-based Sweet Dream III on Saturday. Twenty miles off the coast, Stellwagen Bank has been known for rich fishing.

Bruce Sweet, the skipper of the vessel, said that it was pretty obvious that they had not pulled in tuna. "It was a shark, seeing the dorsal fin and the tail," says Sweet in an interview with the Associated Press.

The crew had to fight the shark to tame him, after it had tried to snag some bait from their boat. It took the crew 15 minutes to control the shark. After controlling the shark, the crew tagged it and then released it back into the sea.

State Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Ian Bowles, says that the safety of humans is first priority. However, swimmers with common sense, the sharks do not pose a threat.

This common sense means do not swim around animals that sharks can eat. For example, a gathering of seals, which is a favorite for sharks.



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