‘Hawaii Five-O’ recap:'“Ma Ke Kahakai'

By Ellen Stodola,
Steve and Danny find a dead body while on a hike.

This week on Hawaii Five-O, Steve and Danny are hiking to the petroglyphs. These are rocks with symbols on them that Steve’s dad used to take him to visit. As they take the long walk to the rocks, they discuss why Steve’s father was killed and what he could have found out.

When they get to the petroglyphs, Steve notices a body lying on some rocks below. He repels down to the man and finds that he’s dead. There’s a gunshot wound with only a little blood, so Danny takes a picture. Steve starts to climb back up the rocks with Danny helping him with a rope, but all of a sudden, a large rock dislodges and hits Steve, causing him to slip and fall. His rope unravels and becomes untied, and he falls on the rock by the dead body below. He nearly falls entirely off the cliff.

Steve is pretty sure that he’s broken his arm, and Danny can’t throw him the rope because it’s caught on a tree. Danny must hike up to the summit of the mountain to get cell phone reception. Before he goes, he throws Steve’s bag down to him, and Steve fashions a sort of splint out of a branch and some tape.

While Danny goes to look for cell phone service, Steve examines the dead body. He finds some sort of fish scales in the bullet hole. Kono and Chin are having family issues back at headquarters because their aunt is very sick. However, when Danny calls, they have to put this aside to figure out his coordinates and send both a rescue helicopter and a crime unit.

Danny gets back to Steve, but it looks like the weather is about to take a turn for the worse. Danny has to try to get Steve up off the ledge because there could be serious mudslides if a storm were to break out. Just after Danny is able to untangle the rope and get Steve up to the petroglyphs, the rescue helicopter arrives.

Steve has fractured his forearm, but Five-O has other things to deal with. The victim is Jack Leung. Jack has a fish boat license and was charged with assault just three days ago for action against another fish boat captain. The team thinks that if they can identify the scales of the fish that were found near his body, it could help them figure out where the actual crime scene is since it’s likely that he was just dumped on the mountain. The guy that Jack assaulted is also a helicopter pilot.

While Danny and Chin go to talk to Sal, the man that Jack assaulted, Kono speaks with Jack Leung’s son. She has to tell him that his father was found dead. He doesn’t know what the argument was about that his father had with Sal, but he did notice something weird when he last saw his father the day before. His laptop was on even though his father never used the computer. When Danny and Chin try to get Sal to stop his boat, Sal just speeds up, but they run and jump onto his boat. He cuts the engine when their guns are pointed at him.

Danny and Chin speak with Sal. Chin finds a stash of crystal meth on his boat. They also find a gun, so they plan to run ballistics on it to see if it matches the gun that shot Jack. Sal tells Danny and Chin that the only reason he and Jack disagreed was because Jack didn’t want to be involved in the crystal meth drug trade, but in order to keep business up, Sal was supposed to convince him to get involved.

Back at headquarters, Kono thinks that there could potentially be a connection between this case and Jordan Rutherford. He is a suspect who disappeared after he was accused of strangling a girl. The last video that Jack was watching online was a video of the girl’s parents asking Rutherford to turn himself in.

Chin discovers that the fish scales come from a very rare fish. Before he and Kono can check it out, they are called away to see their aunt because she may not last much longer. When they get to the house, everyone stops when Chin comes in the room, but his aunt is very happy to see him. When he leaves the room to speak with his uncle, the aunt tells Kono that she thinks the fallout in the family with Chin and him being dismissed from the police force has to do with her getting sick. It turns out that it was their uncle who took the money that Chin was accused of stealing from the police. Their aunt needed a kidney, and though she was on the donor list, she wasn’t going to get one in time. Their uncle got her a kidney on the black market in China, but he needed a lot of money to pay for it. Chin took the fall for his uncle and agreed that his aunt would never find out about it. Kono questions why Chin would do this, but he seems determined to keep his promise. But when their aunt dies, their uncle wants Chin to admit the truth. However, Chin seems to want to keep the secret.

Danny and Steve go to visit Chef Morimoto’s restaurant. They are especially there to examine the rare fish that were just bought. As Danny goes through the fish, he finds a bullet hole and then a bullet in one of the fish.

When Steve heads back to headquarters, he meets up with Kono. She tells him that there were traces of jet fuel found on the victim. The body came into contact with the fuel hours before the victim’s death. And there’s only one place on the island that has this special fuel.

When Steve and Danny head over to the place with the jet fuel, the man in charge says that Jack Leung actually worked there to pick up some extra hours to make more money. He says that Leung was a very hard worker. The man said that Leung had worked the night before. Something odd had happened because Leung asked to look at the computer to see a flight manifest.

The manifest that he was looking at was for a private jet with only one passenger, but the passenger’s name isn’t listed. Steve and Danny assume that it was very important. The flight is also for the Lotus Leaf Holding Company. This is where the connection comes in with Jordan Rutherford. The Lotus Leaf Company is linked to Donald Rutherford, Jordan Rutherford’s father. The one person on the flight was Jordan Rutherford, and Leung had found that out. The ballistics test has matched the gun to one bought by Donald Rutherford.

Steve and Danny go to visit the house of Donald Rutherford. When they knock on the door, he says that he’ll be right down, but then they think that he’s making a run for it. They break in to search for him. It doesn’t look like he’s left the house, but they can’t find him. Steve gets his thermal detector, and they finally find him in the floor. It turns out that there’s a secret room under his house, and this is presumably where he has been hiding his son. He has a gun when Steve and Danny go down, but Steve eventually tackles it away from him, and they arrest him. Jordan is arrested in Hong Kong and extradited back to Hawaii to stand trial.

Kono goes to speak to Jack Leung’s family to tell them that his killer has been caught. She tells his grandson that his grandfather was a hero.

At the end of the episode, Chin gets a call that his aunt has passed away, and he and Kono are both very sad to hear this news.



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