Hugh Laurie set to leave ‘House’

By Carl Van Baelen,

Actor Hugh Laurie thinks about wrapping up the story of doctor Gregory House in the hit show House. The series might be coming to an end after shooting the eighth season this summer.

The 51-year-old actor told Radio Times that, "The end of that season, right now looks like the end of the show."

Laurie went on saying that he never thought the show would last seven years. "Just two weeks I thought. I get tired of getting up at four in the morning. Some days are harder than others."

Last year, the British actor denied plans of quitting House due to retirement. Starpulse reported that rumors surfaced after Laurie said that he had some hip trouble.

Yet no physical trouble is causing him to say goodbye to his beloved hospital. ONTD informs that the star has decided to start focusing on his music career.

“The acting muscles don’t know what they’re doing, actually,” he said. “Perhaps they should, but they don’t.”

Laurie recently made his debut with a solo blues album Let Them Talk.



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