'I Like It on the Floor': What's Her Facebook Status Mean?!

By Jessica Campbell,
Breast Cancer Awareness campaign spreads like wildfire over Facebook

Have you been on Facebook yet today? If so, you’ve probably noticed at least several women’s statuses saying something along the lines of, "I like it on the floor," or "I like it on the desk." But men can’t figure out what it means!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and women everywhere are uniting by participating in the "I like it" campaign. What it really means is simply where they like to keep their purses when they get home. They’re just conveniently leaving out the word "purse" to confuse men. The idea is, keeping men in the dark is women’s way of coming together for the cause.

A Breast Cancer Awareness campaign regarding what color bras women like to wear was previously a huge success on Facebook. Men couldn’t seem to figure out what “I like it pink, I like it blue, I like it yellow” meant.

At the moment, "I like it on the floor" happens to be one of the top-searched Internet phrases. I’d say that’s a success.



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