Idris Elba hopes comic fans can convince Marvel to let him be 'Luke Cage'

By Holly Coletta,

Idris Elba is slowly becoming a go-to guy for Marvel Studios. The British actor had a bit part in the surprisingly successful Thor and costars with Nic Cage in the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

According to Screen Rant, the Takers star has his eye on another diamond-in-the-rough for the superhero hit-making company -- Luke Cage.

Elba, who has a multi-picture deal with Marvel, hung out with the thousands of pop culture fans who showed up to this year's Comic-Con and publicly announced his desire to bring the super-powered man to the big screen.

Screen Rant reports that during the Ghost Rider panel, a fan asked what other characters he'd like to play, and Elba immediately replied, "Luke Cage -- we just need to know that you want that."

Luke Cage is among the hidden gems of Marvel who have struggled for years to get to the big screen. While the studio has mentioned in the past that projects involving the street-smart crime-fighter with super strength and an entourage of similar heroes who call themselves "Heroes for Hire" were making the rounds, nothing ever really got off the ground.

According to BET, Elba isn't the only actor who's expressed interest in playing the character. Elba could have competition in Transformers' Tyrese Gibson, who was attached to one of Marvel's fizzled out attempts.

"I’ve been interested in that project and have been keeping my eyes on it for years," Gibson told BET. "Marvel just has to make Luke Cage a priority. Everybody wants to see Luke Cage. I got my headband ready, my muscles are ready, and I’m ready for Luke Cage.”

Unfortunately for Gibson and Elba, Luke Cage's Hollywood future isn't their top priority at the moment. Instead, the superhero powerhouse is focusing on their mega-hit Avengers crew, which gave the studio all-around box office hits with the Iron Man and Thor franchises. Even the newest offering, Captain America: The First Avenger, is doing well with critics and audiences.

Plus, there's Joss Whedon's highly anticipated superhero team-up epic The Avengers, so Luke Cage looks poised to remain on the Marvel back-burner for now.



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