Interview with MeKenna Melvin

By Stephanie Tardugno,

MeKenna Melvin is probably best known for her character on the NBC television show Chuck. She plays Alex McHugh, the daughter of John Casey (Adam Baldwin). MeKenna recently spoke to TheCelebrityCafe.com’s Stephanie Tardugno to talk about the show getting renewed, her character, and what it’s been like since she joined the cast.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: So you must be really excited that Chuck has officially been renewed for a fifth Season!

MeKenna Melvin: Oh, I’m so excited!

TheCelebrityCafe.com: The fans must really love the show. I heard they launched a “Save Chuck” campaign?

MeKenna Melvin: Yeah, they have been fighting for this show since the very beginning. I only came on board recently. Season 4 was my full first season where my character was consistently through it, but I came in on the end of Season 3. And ever since the very beginning, the fans have been fighting for this show, to get it back on the air. It’s been on the bubble almost every single season, and they have fought because they love the show, and they love the characters, and they love the story. It’s overwhelming! I can’t even tell you the way it feels to be a part of something that people love so much. I never expected it. They’re so generous and loving on the Internet and on Twitter, and it’s amazing. I’m so grateful to them.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: That’s so great! So can you tell me a little bit about your role?

MeKenna Melvin: Yeah, I play Alex McHugh. She is the daughter of John Casey, who is played by Adam Baldwin, and John Casey is kind of the ultimate spy. We find out at the end of Season 3 that he has a daughter he never knew who he had, and I had a father who was alive because I thought he was dead my entire life. So it was a bit of a shock for both of us! And she’s kind of figuring out her way within this world, and finding out that her dad has this whole life and wanting to have a relationship with him. She’s also kind of fallen in love with his partner…and they have a funny little dynamic between the two of them. So she’s falling in love with Morgan Grimes. And that’s a fun part of her story, as well.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: So how did you find out about the role, and how did you get it?

MeKenna Melvin: That was very interesting. I originally got a break down from my manager, and it was a one-word audition. The word was ‘mom’ and the role was for a 20-something girl. So I went in and said mom and left. [laughs] I remember thinking, “Okay, that was the weirdest audition I’ve ever had.” I didn’t really know much about anything because they were being very quiet about that story reveal, because it was such a big reveal for fans and for John Casey’s back story. And then I got a call that I booked it, and not only did I book it, but I got a name. And I was like, “Oh my God! I got a name. This is great!” Then they said, “And you’re playing John Casey’s daughter.” And I couldn’t even believe it. I was so excited. But at the point, it was still just a one-episode thing.

Then a few months later, I got a call from my manager after we’d already shot it, and I think it had even aired at that point, and they had said they wanted to make Alex’s character bigger, but they want to bring you back in and re-audition you because everybody wanted to make sure they were making the decision. Maybe they would have to recast me if I turned out to really suck because they hadn’t seen me do much! So I went back into the casting director, and they put me on tape for everybody, and I was completely nervous! But it all worked out well, and now it’s just been evolving from there. And I can’t believe it! It’s like a dream come true. I feel like a kind of won the acting lottery in a lot of ways.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: Well, congratulations! That’s wonderful! So what was it like diving into a show that was already so popular?

MeKenna Melvin: That’s kind of what I was describing before. When Twitter first came out a few years ago, I had a Twitter account that I probably checked once in like a year and half – two years. And all of a sudden, I happened to look at it, and I had all these people from Chuck, and they were really loud and on Twitter and were excited about me. And I was like, I’ve literally only been on the show one time for like two seconds! And they were like, “We love you!” “Are you going to be back?!” And I was so overwhelmed by the response and was never expecting this! At that time, I had done bigger guest stars that I had more screen time, and nobody cared, nobody remembered me. So this is the way it works! It’s such a fan show, and they know everything about it, and they love the show! It’s just so warm and wonderful, and so is everybody who is a part of it. And that was overwhelming. And as my story, well Alex’s story, has kind of progressed, it’s just continued. It’s amazing. It’s crazy!

TheCelebrityCafe.com: It sounds like it! So do you know if your character will evolve even more during Season 5?

MeKenna Melvin: I know nothing! I know zero. I know as much as you guys know! But I hope so. I feel like there’s more there. And I would love for them to explore the different dynamics with her boyfriend and her dad and see where it goes. I hope so. I love to work, and I love being on set, and I love the show. The cast and the crew are amazing and so much fun! And I just want to go to work!

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