Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Chummy with Camilla Belle

By Amanda Martinez,

Despite stirring up the rumor mill by bringing ex-girlfriend Jenny Lewis as his date to the Golden Globe Awards, actor Jake Gyllenhaal got cozy with fellow actress Camilla Belle just one night later.

After Lewis, his rocker ex, showed up on Gyllenhaal’s arm on the Red Carpet, sources were quick to report the pair are just friends: “Jake and ex-girlfriend Jenny Lewis went to the Globes as friends. Jake and Jenny haven’t dated for years. They’re still friends, and they went as friends.”

The same source confirmed Lewis’s relationship status with the singer’s boyfriend, saying, “Jenny and Johnny have been together a long time. They just released a record together in the summer. They haven’t broken up.”

With Gyllenhaal newly single coming fresh off a break-up with country darling Taylor Swift, the actor was free to spend some quality time with Belle at the Art of Elysium “Heaven” Gala, a charity event that brings the arts to sick children.

A source reports, “They were talking intimately and laughing. There really seemed to be chemistry, a connection.”

Another witness reports, “Jake and Camilla were flirting all night. And before he left, I saw him very affectionately touching her arm. She is definitely his type.”

Fans of Jake Gyllenhaal won’t be the only ones devastated by the news. Swift may be feeling déjà vu, as Belle notoriously rebounded with Swift’s ex, Joe Jonas, immediately following their split.

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