'James Bond' Actor Daniel Craig Dresses in Drag

By Stephanie Tardugno,
Craig stars in a short film about sexual equality

Actor Daniel Craig has dressed in drag for a short film to help raise awareness about sexual equality for International Women’s Day on Tuesday.

In the video, which is approximately two minutes long and can be watched on YouTube, the James Bond star is wearing a dress, heels, stockings, pearls, and a blond wig.

The project was directed by filmmaker and artist Sam Taylor-Wood and features the voice of actress Judi Dench, who plays “M” in the Bond movies, according to Reuters.

"We’re equals, aren't we, 007? Yet it is 2011 and a man is still more likely to earn more money than a woman, even when doing the same job," Dench says. "You have a far better chance of entering political office or becoming a company director. As a man, you are less likely to be judged for promiscuous behavior, which is just as well frankly.”

Craig doesn’t say a word throughout the video as Dench reads a list of statistics showing the obstacles that women face in today’s society.

"So are we equal?" she asks at the end of the video. "Until the answer is yes, we must never stop asking."



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