Jamie Oliver’s 'Food Revolution' Shut Down in Schools

By Ellen Stodola,
The show has been cancelled in Los Angeles Schools.

Jamie Oliver’s show, Food Revolution, has a unique premise. His goal is to go behind the scenes in schools to see what sort of food they’re serving to their students. However, it seems that Oliver has hit a bit of a snag in the second season of his show because Los Angeles schools are refusing to allow Oliver to film.

Access Hollywood reports that Los Angeles schools denied Oliver the proper permits to be able to shoot the show.

Though Oliver sees it as the school districts blocking him from carrying out his goals of getting America to eat healthier, the schools have a different opinion. They merely say that they don’t want to be involved in a reality type show because of the negative depictions that many reality shows receive.

Though they don’t want him filming, TV Guide reports that Los Angeles schools do still want Oliver’s help in coming up with healthier meal choices. They have asked him to present a revised menu of alternatives to what they are currently serving.

Oliver sees this as a positive step, even if it’s not the best development for his show. His overall goal is to battle obesity and unhealthy eating.



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