Jamie Pressly gets probation for DUI, no jail time

By Sari N. Kent,
The actress was arrested in January in Santa Monica, California.

My Name Is Earl's Jaime Pressly avoided doing jail time on Thursday by pleading no contest to DUI charges.

The 34-year-old actress was arrested back in January for DUI in Santa Monica, California. After pleading no contest to the charges, Pressly was sentenced to three years probation, will be required to attend a six-month alcohol education program, and must have an ignition locking device installed on her car. Pressly struck a deal with prosecutors by pleading no contest to a misdemeanor DUI charge of driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or higher, reports People.com.

Pressly was pulled over that January evening by police for a routine traffic violation and was given a field sobriety test, which she failed. When she submitted to a Breathalyzer test, it registered her blood alcohol level at .22, more than three times the state's legal limit. Yet, the actress was ordered to complete the six-month alcohol education program instead of the nine-month program due to the varying blood alcohol test results done by the police and Pressly’s defense team, as per E! Online.

The Emmy Award winning actress, who originally pleaded not guilty to the charges, could have served six months in jail had she been convicted.
Now that that mess is dealt with, Pressly can now go back to focusing on her pending divorce from entertainment lawyer Simran Singh. The couple parted ways last December, nine days prior to her arrest.




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