January Jones is pregnant

By Ellen Stodola,

January Jones is not only going to be a mother on television, but she’s about to become a mother in real life. The actress recently announced that she’s expecting her first child.

The actress still has many film and television roles to consider, but come autumn, she’s going to be thinking a lot more about her new baby. Cinema Blend reports that a rep for the actress confirmed the news.

However, much speculation and interest still involves news of who the father of the baby is. Jones dated Saturday Night Live funnyman, Jason Sudeikis, until early this year, so there are rumors that he could be the father of the child. Or, it could be someone else entirely. Jones has not yet made a comment about who is the father of her child.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Jones will star in the upcoming X-Men First Class which opens at the beginning of June, and the next season of Mad Men is expected for early next year since debates with money and details about the show postponed production and estimated release dates. Jones was recently seen with Liam Neeson in Unknown.



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