Jason Mraz travels 'In Search of the Incredible'

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Yesterday, Jason Mraz released a new song, ”The World As I See It”, that will be the theme of a project called “In Search of the Incredible.”

“In Search of the Incredible," according to its main website, is a project sponsored by Asus and Intel, technological companies that highlight innovation for improvement. The creators of the project include photographer Don McCullin, video director Andy Morahan, and film director Asif Kapadia. Jason Mraz is acting as the “host” of the project, which will be composed of webisodes of Mraz traveling around the world, meeting and interviewing people, in search of incredible stories.

Viewers are encouraged to submit their own incredible stories to the website (here). The prompt is actually fairly general: it asks for writers to merely describe what they find incredible. It can be “a sight, a sound, a moment,” along with deeds and creations. Viewers can also upload photos, videos, or sound clips to the site.

There are several rounds with different prizes. Each country around the world will have a winner, picked by a panel of judges, who will receive a new ASUS N Series laptop, a powerful computer for creation and entertainment. The global prize, however, will be to have their incredible story transformed into a short film guided and created by the three project creators and a professional crew. Then the global winner will get to attend the screening at the Sundance Film Festival with Jason Mraz.


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