Jeremy Piven confirms ‘Entourage’ movie

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Ever since the HBO show, Entourage, has ended, fans of the show have been waiting for any rumors regarding a movie version of the show. Fans had been hoping that the show would get a feature film deal, similar to that of Sex and the City. Jeremy Piven has now confirmed that there will be an Entourage movie.

Piven announced the movie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, CNN.com reported. Piven said the movie had been "commissioned," which means the HBO show has the green light to be made into a movie.

Many of the actors on the Entourage set had been optimistic about a movie being made, but Piven officially confirmed the film.

Limelife Blog also confirmed that Mark Wahlberg is working on the movie right now. Now all that has to happen is a script must be written for the big screen.

Wahlberg has said that when the series ended everything was left on a high note, which leaves the field wide open for a movie. The plot could go anywhere.

No information yet on who will direct or how the story line will continue from where the show left off in the series finale. It has been rumored that the full original cast would be back to play their characters again. There just could not be a movie without Vince, Turtle, Drama, E and Ari.


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