Jon Stewart on 'Oprah': "I'm not Running for Office!"

By Lautel Okhio,
Jon talks candidly about political non-aspirations

USA Today reports that Jon Stewart won’t be running for public office in the foreseeable future. He defended his decision on Oprah today, saying, “My job is I make jokes. I don't solve problems. If my job became solving problems I would suddenly become a lot less good at what I do, unless the problem being had by the country was a lack of jokes.”

Jonn definitely knows what he’s good at. Jon’s wife Tracy McShane was also on the show, talking candidly about the secrets to a happy marriage, among other things. At Oprah’s behest, she shared one thing that people would be surprised to know about her husband.

“I would say I think he's nothing like this at home, in as much as he never talks about politics or world events. I forget how smart he is until I see him on television.” Awwww. Jon and Tracy also have two small children together who did not appear on the show.



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