Justin Bieber in trouble on Melbourne flight

By Carl Van Baelen,

Justin Bieber got himself in trouble aboard a flight in Australia Sunday afternoon. The 17-year-old pop singer got reproached by the Qantas cabin staff for "acting like a child."

One of the air hostesses on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne wasn’t a bit amused by Bieber and his bodyguard, who kept running from business class to economy class while the airplane began taxiing at Sydney airport.

The flight attendant told the singer that his behavior was "a security risk," according to SkyNews.com.au. She continued by saying that he had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one.

This is the second incident for Bieber since his arrival in Australia. While performing in Sydney, six eggs flew from the crowd towards the performer. In a web video, you see the eggs land right in front of his feet.

Bieber is currently on his My World tour and will soon be heading to Asia.



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