JWoww angry with TSA

By Rebekah Werner,
Actress Jenni Farley arrives for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studies in Universal City, California, USA, 06 June 2010. The movies are nominated by producers and executives from MTV and the winners are chosen on-line by the general public. Photo: Hubert Boesl

Nobody likes to go through the TSA process at airports. However, most citizens put on a happy face and get it over with so they are able to enjoy the rest of their flight in peace. This isn’t the case for Jersey Shore cast mate, Jenni Farley.

According to Yahoo! OMG!, Jenni, or JWoww, is accusing TSA agents at the Fargo airport in North Dakota of treating her “like a criminal.”

She tweeted, “[I] travel two times a week and never when through what I did here. Has anyone [gotten] ‘randomly selected’ while walking on the plane and asked to ‘come with [the agents]’ to be additionally searched? I wasn’t randomly selected because I saw the TSA there pouting at me while I was getting a coffee 15 minutes prior.”

While JWoww is absolutely furious and has been sending blasts at TSA via Twitter since the event, TSA has responded to Gossip Cop and issued an explanation.

“As part of TSA’s layered approach to security, passengers may be subject to various random screening measures at the checkpoint or the gate. In this case, a number of passengers were randomly selected according to a pre-set protocol for gate screening prior to boarding an aircraft.”

Looks like TSA wasn’t actually after JWoww after all.



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