Kaczmarek and Whitford to Divorce Despite Seemingly Stable Marriage

By Kris Lorenz,
Television stars divorce.

Jane Kaczmarek, known for her role as the hardnosed mother in the sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle," and her husband Bradley Whitford, a star in "The West Wing," have decided to separate after sixteen years of marriage.

No details have been provided as to the reasons for the split, but both of the actors are currently experiencing slight lags in their careers. Kaczmarek has a new legal drama on TNT, "Raising the Bar," and Whitford just acted in a Broadway flop "Boing-Boing."

The two have been known to have a relatively stable marriage compared to most Hollywood matrimonies. In sixteen years of wedlock, they have three children, ages six, nine, and 12. Both actors have repeatedly asked for privacy and respect for both themselves and their children while the divorce develops.

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