Kanye West's rant causes controversy

By Karen Ruffini,
West was booed in the U.K. after comparing himself to Hitler.

Some argue that Kanye West is a bit…well, narcissistic. But his ego really went to his head at the Big Chill festival in England on Saturday, August 6, when he took things a bit too far.

West is notorious for his extremely rude and ignorant rants (we all know of poor Taylor Swift's mishap at the VMAs), and this concert was no different. His comments at this concert were absurd, comparing himself to the infamous Hitler. His speech about how people look at him like he's crazy -- and how people look at him like he's Hitler -- drew nothing but boos and negative energy from the crowd.

Psychologist Jenn Berman tells The L.A. Times, "For Kanye West to compare himself to Hitler in that way, it suggest a certain level of narcissism. It was ignorant. To empathize with someone responsible for the death of millions of people, it can indicate a lack of sensitivity to how other people are going to feel about your comments."

Obviously, his power was not enough to stop fans from being displeased. A video of the rant can be seen here, which shows a bragging West on stage, with absolutely no applause from fans.

Will Kanye ever learn that nobody wants to hear his often disrespectful speeches??

As far as comparisons to Hitler, West is unfortunately not the first celebrity to gush his similarity to one of the most hated men in the world. Megan Fox has gone on record to comparing Transformers director Michael Bay to Hitler. John Galliano has also been recorded on a video confessing that he "loves Hitler."

We can only create one rule for West and the rest of the bunch to stop their crazy ranting: Put your foot in your mouth next time, and keep it there!



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