The Kardashians respond to The National Enquirer via Twitter

By James Kingsley,
The National Enquirer claims O.J. Simpson is Khloe's biological father.

The National Enquirer recently made claims that O.J Simpson is the biological father of Khloe Kardashian.

The cover of the Enquirer read, "O.J. Bombshell: I'm Khloe's REAL Dad!" Also included was a side-by-side photo of Khloe and O.J's daughter, Sydney Simpson, claiming that the two women were "look-a-likes."

The New York Post reports that Kim Kardashian was the first to mock this allegation by taking to her twitter.

She tweeted, "It makes sense now! Khloe u are so tan!"

"The family has long joked that Khloe is adopted because of her lighter hair and towering physique, but allegations that Robert Kardasian did not father Khloe surfaced last week," explains The Huffington Post.

A source close the Simpson was quoted by the Enquirer as saying "O.J. told me Khloe's his daughter." The source also claimed that Khloe's mother, Kris Jenner, had an affair with Simpson, who happens to be a longtime friend of her late husband.

Jenner dismissed these reports as well by tweeting,"Thanks for all your love and support today dolls! Wow some of the stories out there today are either fabricated , or SO 24 years ago!!"

While Kim is handling the situation with humor, Khloe seems to be more upset over the matter.

On top of these current allegations, Khloe has been busy dealing with rumors that she is going for fertility treatments, along with rumors about her husband, Lamar Odom, and strip club habits.

"Do the rumors ever stop? What is the recent obsession with all of this? What are they going to say next? #SoapOpera." Khloe posted on her twitter this morning.

Wendy Williams also addressed these rumors on her show this morning, mentioning that Khloe and Sydney do indeed look alike.



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