Kate Middleton Drops Two Dress Sizes in Preparation for Royal Wedding

By April Chieffo,
Kate Middleton has dropped two dress sizes, sparks some concern for her health.
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The royal wedding is three months away. In preparation for the nuptials, princess-to-be Kate Middleton, 29, has dropped two dress sizes. She has reportedly gone from wearing a size 10 to wearing a size 4-6.

Middleton’s slimmer figure is beginning to spark concerns over the bride-to-be’s health, according to the Sun. After a recent outing with Camilla, Middleton’s figure was observed as still being flattering in her outfits, but she appeared shapeless, her legs not as toned and muscled as she previously has appeared.

Middleton’s weight loss, due to Middleton working hard preparing for her April wedding, is similar to William’s mother, Diana, when she was preparing for her wedding in 1981.

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards recalled a picture he took of Diana in 1981.

"The Sun urged Diana not to lose more weight. I would say the same to Kate," he said. "She is naturally beautiful and there is no need for her to drop any more dress sizes,"

Now Magazine reports, however, Kate isn’t losing the weight on purpose, she is actually looking to gain weight for the wedding.

A source told the U.K. magazine, “Kate's shed weight rushing around planning the wedding, but she's worried that she'll lose her curves 
completely, so she's introducing a lot more carbs into her diet.”

The source adds, “For someone who's as active as Kate, it isn't easy to put on 
says our insider, “she seems to burn calories without even trying.”

Kate Middleton weds Prince William at the Westminster Abbey on April 29.



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