Katy Perry announces new fragrance called Meow

By April Chieffo,
Katy Perry at the 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards. (Los Angeles, CA)


Katy Perry's Katycats have something to look forward to this fall,because she's releasing a new fragrance.

Considered a sister fragrance to her first scent called Purr, Perry just announced the name of her next fragrance is Meow.

Perry had a unique way of revealing the name. She launched a Twitter contest asking her followers to guess the name of her new scent. On Tuesday, she received many cat themed names, and on Wednesday she confirmed the name, as well as named the winners who will receive the perfume, and named  a winner who will join her at the launch party in December.

"MOST of u guessed right!" she wrote. "My next fragrance & bestie to Purr is MEOW! She's very sweet & inspired by that magical place, CANDYFORNIA!"

Perry's first fragrance, Purr, was released late last year, and if Meow is anything like Purr, fans will be able to tell it is a Katy fragrance.

 "It's like the Goldilocks of perfume. It's not too much, it's not too forgettable, it's just right. It's basically me in a bottle. I think a lot of people go up and they go, 'That's definitely Katy Perry," she said of Purr. "This is definitely Katy Perry's perfume.'" 



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